7000 Square Foot of "Old School Gym"

We attract people who are tired of all the fluff and filler at the corporate gyms. The average member at a typical chain globo-gym is there to socialize. Our members are dedicated to working out and training hard year-round.

When people picture a hardcore gym they may think it as an intimidating place. ICG is the exact opposite. Our members welcome new people in with open arms and are quick to share new methods and offer a hand when in need of a "spot." There is a real sense of community at ICG, everyone gets to know each other and learns from each other. We like to say, you are not signing up for a gym, you are joining a brotherhood.

What makes Iron Core Gym different?

About Iron Core Gym

We have all the traditional gym equipment, over 4000 lbs. of Olympic plates, dumbbells up to 115lbs, benches, power racks, treadmills, etc. - not a lot of unnecessary machines. We have Olympic incline and decline benches, Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Machines, heavy bags, battle ropes, and all the equipment necessary to train in the "old school style." Some gyms don't even allow their members to deadlift anymore or use chalk - we do! Most of our machines have 250lbs stacks for maximum training. 

In general, we are big believers in the old school training. New school is pretending exercise can be, is, or should be fun. By “fun” we mean pleasurable with the intention of distracting yourself from the discomfort and work of exercise. Don’t get us wrong; we look forward to working out and get genuine satisfaction and contentment from it, but it isn't fun and it was never supposed to be. Old school is hard. The hard is what makes it and you great! There is no fun way to do weighted pull ups. There is no fun way to push through a personal best on the squat rack. There is no fun way to do heavy hammer curls. And there is no such thing as a “judgment free zone!” We are judged at work, school, and in our personal lives. So don’t get confused.

Iron Core Gym is a 7000 square foot private facility with shower and locker rooms that has restricted membership. Our membership is limited to just over 250 members, meaning less wait time, less inexperienced people, and less risk of damage to the equipment. There are no TV's or other distractions and there are NO CONTRACTS at Iron Core Gym. The equipment in the gym is kept in excellent condition because fewer users are likely to use the equipment, meaning wear and tear will be limited.

What sort of people work out at Iron Core Gym?

Sadly, it is getting increasingly harder to find a good ol' sweatshop type of gym, where results are demanded. Today I see people come to the gym religiously, every day, only to talk, roam around, use the same weight forever, usually one plate on some contraption, for months at a time, gab on their cell phones, or some other practice that has nothing to do with staying focused on their training. These same people wonder why they do not make progress. It makes me sad to see the gyms of today, and their participants, wandering around aimlessly from fancy machine, to fancy machine, in quest of something most of them don't know how to find. -Tim Wescott, Bodybuilding.com