John Cothron

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Weight Loss Specialist

20 Year US Army Veteran and Former Drill Sergeant 

John’s philosophy to personal training is to help his clients achieve their fitness goals and become educated and confident to eventually train on their own, if desired.  “Most businesses want to keep their clients for life, I create the environment in which a client becomes educated and confident so they are able to take responsibility for their own training if that is what they want.  I am creating a community of fit and well-balanced friends.  So I guess I’m trying to work myself out of a job.  I focus on proper form and execution and build workouts around the individual needs and ability of each client.  Personalization is the first step in a successful transformation."

Areas of Concentration 

·       Corrective Exercise

·       Weight Loss

·       Military Readiness Preparation

·       Obstacle Course Preparation

·       Functional Fitness

·       Age & fitness level appropriate training

·       Metabolic Conditioning 



ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

IFBB Certified Personal Trainer

Jose is dedicated to giving each of his clients the opportunity to improve

their physical condition, naturally and educates his clients so that their

fitness achievements are sustainable over time. Also, for Jose the most

important aspect of his work as a Personal Trainer is addressing the

physical and emotional needs of each person and crafting a personal

program that allows his clients growth in both of these areas. Although it

may be difficult, Jose believes anyone can change their lifestyle.


Areas of Concentration

·        Weight Loss

·        Gain Muscle

·        Sports Nutrition

·        Stretching and Core   

Contact:           407 620 9948

Personal Training

The personal trainers and coaches at Iron Core Gym are not employed by the gym. They are certified, insured, and professional independent contractors that use the Iron Core Gym facility and equipment. They negotiate their own fees and work within the hours of operation of Iron Core Gym. 

Chris Doughty

Olympic Weightlifting (Sports Performance) Coach

·         USA Masters National Champion, 2009 (runner-up 2006, 2010)

·         American Masters Champion, 2008

·         Masters World Championship 6th, 2009

Chris is a masters (=old) athlete who believes that speed, strength and mobility are all critical in achieving performance and longevity in sport.  By training the Olympic lifts (clean & jerk and snatch), along with supplemental and supporting exercises, all three of these areas are addressed.  Whether, training “O-lifts” as a supplement to other athletic ambitions or with the goal of competing in meets, weightlifting will help you build a solid athletic foundation.

As each athlete’s starting point and goals are different, each engagement will need to be modified to meet individual ambitions.  Regardless of the duration, Chris will endeavor to provide you with the tools needed to continue your training autonomously, in the shortest amount of time.

Areas of Concentration:

   Olympic Weightlifting
·  Developing strength and speed over range of motion
   Competition specific programming


or Skype: cbdoughty