Iron Core Powerlifting Team Shines in The 2017 Western Florida Open 

Powerlifting Club

The iron Core Gym Powerlifting Club (icgP) is designed to offer iron core gym members the opportunity to excell in their powerlifting and fitness related goals, and overall to provide a team-like environment that is conducive to success. icGp is open to lifters of all experience levels, with no prior powerlifting training necessary. We strive to help all of our members advance their lifting, programming, and nutrition, with the ultimate goal of competing as a team in local powerlifting meets. While competing in such meets is strongly encouraged for all of our members, it is certainly not mandatory. Overall, icGp is devoted to creating and maintaining a team-like community for lifters that want to take their training to the next level, and share their strength and fitness related experiences.

if you are interested in the iron core powerlifting club, contact Gerry guenther, club Manager at